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Mighty Thor & Sub Space - Riddles EP

Recording info

It has been a while since Mighty Thor came up with a solid techno banger, but this time he is ready to blow of some steam on the 2nd Dynamic Reflection release.
Thor comes up with some serious Detroit influenced techno on the Aside, expect catchy synthmelodies and smooth percussion at his best!
The French guys from Sub Space put out an awesome remix on the A2. Their rework makes you want to funk that shit and reminds you at the old Technasia sound!
On the flipside Sub Space comes up with an oldschool, almost Axis sounding techno stomper. Quality analog stuff is what these guys are capable of and they proof it once again with hypnotic synths and 909 rideloops, a true dancefloor killer!
Thor is responsible for reworking this original and brings us an amazing remix with even some breakbeat influences in the breakdown. Bringin some futuristic feel in this oldschool techno banger with extraordinary uplifting percussion loops he pushes himself to another level with this one!
Once again a superior 2nd release from the Dynamic Reflection squad, lets pray for more of this pure quality stuff and keep our eyes on the the future. The scene need more labels like this which reflects the current techno movement and promises loads more of that sweet stuff in days to come..

Release Info

  • Order:
  • End of Life


pos artists title
A1 Mighty Thor Riddles
A2 Mighty Thor Riddles ( remix Sub Space )
B1 Sub Space Clementina
B2 Sub Space Clementina ( remix Mighty Thor )
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