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Eduardo De La Calle - Emerging Era

Recording info

Making his debut on Dynamic Reflection and delivering a remarkable and outstanding three-track EP, 'Emerging Era', is Spanish artist and outspoken advocate of all things analogue, Eduardo de la Calle. Two originals, 'Speedlight Speedmind' and 'Dynamic Arrangements', complimented by a no-nonsense rework from the hands of Holland's finest jack-of-all-trades ROD make this fifteenth vinyl to date into a special one indeed!

The A-Side's minute soundscaping, Hood, Mills and Search-esque sounds, precise filtering and
delicate accents throughout and the flipside's wicked Basic Channel-like stabs turn both originals into weapons. Classic techno done in an impeccable manner.

ROD strips, shuffles and roughens 'Speedlight Speedmind' up in his trademark 'get to the point' fashion. Aimed at destroying any dancefloor ROD's rework keeps the original close, but lets only its basic instincts deftly filter through at just the right moments. Bomb, it's really that simple.

Release Info


pos title
A1 Speedlight Speedmind
A2 Speedlight Speedmind ( remix ROD )
B1 Dynamic Arrangements
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