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Monika Kruse & Dave Shokh - Gestern

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�gestern!� (is german and means �yesterday!"): Inspired by the after hour culture - maybe they know each other from the Berlin after hour culture (who knows there anything?) -�s 22 year old infant prodigious DAVE SHOKH (PLAYMATE, HIDDEN AGENDA, co-producer of the recent KAROTTE album �Got To Bed") and the Electric Avenue labelboss MONIKA KRUSE (first time on Electric Avenue herself!) came together to produce two relaxed but completely affine to the dancefloor and in its way absolutely necessitative compositions! Who thinks this can only deal with Techno is so mistaken� this here is lovely swinging Minimal Stuff - maybe, taking you away to spheres of� for a sunday, for free, for outdoors - at the water front! And then the question: �when was yesterday?� (A: �wann war gestern?"), so common in this typical still-awake conversations where nobody knows anymore which �yesterday� is meant. The �yesterday� where you slept the last time or the �yesterday� 24 hours before? Or what is �yesterday� at all? That�s why: �yesterday is never ending� (B: �gestern endet nie") because it is always going on and on�

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  • End of Life


pos title
A1 Gestern Endet Nie (7:17)
B1 Wann War Gestern? (7:11)
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