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Emanuele Pertoldi & Riccardo D'Agostini - IAC2

Recording info

Played and Supported by Laurent Garnier, Angel Molina, Kirk Degiorgio, Samuel L Session, Alan Fitzpatrick, Freddy K,Dustin Zahn, Obtane, Truncate and more.
Thinking outside the crowd, trying to obtain their own sound, their identity, sometimes through random ideas ,good ideas were born. IAC2 is one of these. It's the homogeneous union between the Dub chords of Emanuele and Riccardo's progressions. A meticulous attention to detail.. a desire to escape from prejudice and conformity are perceived through the atmospheres and the chord sequence that evades throughout the track.
To wrap it all there's a stunning remix by Future Beat Alliance (Tresor) , with continuous modulations on the main theme.This is a real trip into warm sounds of analog gear, evading through infinite progressions. The other remix has been edited by the painter of the moon : Quantec (Echocord), emotional and atmospheric dub techno as he always knows to do.Its distortions and unusual sounds make us understand his concept of Evasion.

Release Info


pos title
A1 IAC2 (Original Mix)
B1 IAC2 (Future Beat Alliance Remix) ( remix Future Beat Alliance )
B2 IAC2 (Quantec Remix ( remix Quantec )
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