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Fergie & Reset Robot & Alan Fitzpatrick - Collaboration EP Volume 1

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It is not perhaps surprising perhaps that when three producers come together who naturally gravitate towards differing points on the techno spectrum that the result is a balance that slots neatly half way up the scale. Rollin, tech house rhythms give Gas Mask a mid-set feel but the intensity of the distinctive scary siren noises push this track towards more peak-time deployment. Rattlesnake takes a more straightforward approach to knocking the dancefloor over. Punchy, relentless rhythms and razor-sharp snares are joined by a warped, undulating bassline that booms along behind a well-chosen armory of effects. The lead hook comes courtesy of a crowd-destroying rising siren sound that teases in and out of the main break then lets rip at full force.

Release Info

  • Order:
  • End of Life


pos title
A1 Gas Mask
B1 Rattlesnake
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