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Oliver Koletzki & Florian Meindl - Kolibri

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The sounds they create on their collective label Flash Recordings are equally hypnotic and wonderful. Kolibri is a deeply grooving piece of dreamy minimal electro with melodic and mesmerizing stabs and many trippy effects. On the B-Side the humorous title Grandmothers Flash is sure to set the dance floor on fire with its fidgety loop, a typically raving synthie and a murderously deep sub bass. Koletzki and Meindl stay amused and allow themselves a joke towards the end of the track referencing the 2005 hit Muckenschwarm. But better listen for yourself! Also on the flip, Florian Meindl s Paris has a thriving organic bassline, some great arpeggios, freaked out melodies and a very strong loop with many hihats.

Release Info

  • Order:
  • End of Life


pos title
A1 Kolibri
B1 Grandmothers Flash
B2 Paris
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