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Bcee & Lomax / Donnie Dubson & Stunna - Chronicles of the deep album sampler

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Fokuz presents their next installment of the deep CHRONICLES OF THE DEEP.. this is a sample of one of the most daring albums thats going to see its release pretty soon.. with tunes by Mutt, Lynx, Hobzee, Zyon Base, Switch and loads more it'll be a jew for every liquid lover.. But first its up to the PROLOGUE! spearhead leader BCee hooks up with rudeboy Lomax to bring you a tune with huge proportions.. Changing faces is a tune thats filled with so much lovely extras it almost impossible to explain it into words a real masterpiece!
The B side holds germany's Donnie Dubson & Chicago's Stunna these guys are the underdogs of the liquid scene but already have alot of potential to bring some BIG tunes! watch out for their track called Forever cause its a production every liquid soldier needs!

Release Info

  • Order:
  • End of Life


pos artists title
A1 Bcee & Lomax Changing Faces
B1 Donnie Dubson & Stunna Forever
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