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Forbidden Society & Katharsys - Destiny Eden Current Value remix / Lords of the Steel

Recording info

Forbidden Society - Destiny Eden (Current Value Remix)

An experimental remix with deep basslines, atmospheric reece and as usual outstanding drum editing by Current Value, again a masterpiece from this genius, high quality tune for the crowds all over the world. Be sure you won't forget this track after hearing it in the club!

Forbidden Society & Katharsys - Lords of the Steel

Again a collaboration between the hard Drum'N'Bass fighters, Forbidden Society & Katharsys. As you can expect, a bit techno influenced hard Drum'N'Bass tune with loud snares and kicks driven by intense bassline, that ensures movement on the dancefloor as you can't stand still to this banger! Tested in clubs and it works!

Exclusive Bonus Digital Track :

Forbidden Society - The Smasher (Katharsys RMX)

This remix made by the French evil duo Katharsys is a tune, which gets attention every time when it's played. On a big sound system it just sounds massive with the deep subs and loud kicks and snares and does the job on the dancefloor. Tested successfully on humans worldwide!

Release Info


pos artists title
A1 Forbidden Society Destiny Eden ( remix Current Value )
B1 Forbidden Society & Katharsys Lords of the Steel
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