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Forbidden Society - Burn / War Ensemble

Recording info

The 4th release on FSRECS bring 3 long avaited bangers from Forbidden Society, yes this time only FS solo tunes. Again the tunes was tested during the gigs by FS on a lot of gigs, and not only by FS, also by some of the people in FSRECS camp. The response on gigs was really good and also what the people wrote on the net hearing the clips on youtube or just listen to the tracks in the mixes finally FSRECS brings you the 004. The 4th edition should be out in september, first like usually on vinyl and then two weeks later in digital form with a bonus track.

A : Forbidden Society - BURN
A nasty banger with rap vocal in it, what to say to this track, dirty, hard, good sounding track that works on gigs with alot of requests when this one comes out from the fans, so you better be sure to get this one!

B : Forbidden Society - WAR ENSEMBLE
The name of the track says it all what to expect, a real proper Drum & Bass track influenced by alot of metal, specially Slayer!

C: Forbidden Society - ONSET ( Bonus Track Digital Only )
The second tune in the forth release on FSRECS that includes a rap vocal, hard Drum & Bass tune with deep bass, and raw syths, if you play this one on gig, then you can be mostly sure it works, as people like rap vocals in hard Drum & Bass track, and this was tested alot, so prooved:)

Release Info


pos title
A1 Burn
B1 War Ensemble
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