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Forbidden Society - Thronecrusher

Recording info

Straight out of the Czech Republic come the ferocious electronic exploits of scene stalwart, Forbidden Society. Heavily influenced by the industrial sounds synomous with drum & bass during the 'golden era', FS's hardline take draws on pioneers such as Ed Rush and Tech Itch, whilst bringing a little of his own punk ethos into the mix. The results are not for the faint hearted and with his second album ready to kick off 2015, 'Throne Crusher' looks set to cement his status as Czech's most major league drum & bass producer.
'I have been working on this album for the past 2 years. After my 'To The Threshold' and 'Resist The Pressure' LP's in 2012, I wanted this album to be somewhat different. It's my own take on that European neurofunk sound. From straight up rolling drum & bass to more experimental tunes, 110 bpm business and halftempo Amen smashers, there's a lot here. There's also a little oldschool influence in there, remember the reese bass.. I miss those days!
It's been such a huge project for me, so much time and hard work but ultimately so much fun. All the mixdowns and mastering was by own fair hands! Anyway go press play, turn it up and enjoy.' Forbidden Society

Release Info


pos title
1.01 Boycott
1.02 Crack Em' All
1.03 Primal Root
1.04 Stay True To The Game
1.05 False Prophet
1.06 Kratos
1.07 World On Fire
1.08 Enter
1.09 Downfall
1.10 Paradise
1.11 Ion Engines
1.12 The Funk Don
1.13 Summer Itch
1.14 Selfdestruct
1.15 False Prophet VIP
2.01 Thronecrusher Album Mix By Forbidden Society
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