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Little Nobody / James Ruskin / DJ Hi-Shock / Justin Berkovi - Metropolis How? Remixes

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Andrez Bergen (a.k.a. Little Nobody) has said that he first stumbled across James Ruskin and Justin Berkovi around the same time. He picked up Ruskin's 'Prelude' EP on the man's label Blueprint and Berkovi's 'Crouton' from Mosquito, and both records became pivotal parts of Bergen's DJ sets and radio show back in Melbourne just over a decade ago. Apparently they've also never left his record crate.

He's been a huge fan of both producers since, keeping an eye on their stylistic tangents as much as he's followed up on their releases through other labels like Tresor, Pro-Jex, Sativae, Neue Heimat, Meta, and Berkovi's own Predicaments.

So when Elektrax got together with Bergen's label IF? to create a new vinyl release of remixes of the sublime Little Nobody track 'Metropolis How?' - as the debut showing for our brand new side-label Gynoid - we couldn't think of two better practitioners to suit the moment... along with, of course, another canny remixer in the guise of Elektrax's main-man, DJ Hi-Shock.

The resulting 12-inch is nothing short of revelatory.

All three artists have hear picked up on the slow, grubby, vaguely distorted acid slant of the original track and made the journeys conjured up their completely own entities.

Heavy support by: Luke Slater, Dave Clarke, Ade Fenton, Ken Ishii, Perc, Len Faki, Claude Young and many many more!

Release Info

  • Order:
  • End of Life


pos artists title
A1 Little Nobody Metropolis How? ( remix James Ruskin )
A2 Little Nobody Metropolis How? ( remix DJ Hi-Shock )
B1 Little Nobody Metropolis How? ( remix Justin Berkovi )
B2 Little Nobody Metropolis How?
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