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Squaric / Raszia / Uncrat / Group - Bakalas EP Vol.01

Recording info

Bakalas EP Vol.01 aims to make known new talents from Hypnotica Colectiva's circle. Artists whose music captivated us because of their ability to reflect the influence of this new aggressive face of techno that recently came into the scene, and where we find traces from genres such as hardcore or styles within techno itself such as Industrial or Birmingham. The chosen for opening this release is Squaric. The distortions number one fan, as he proves to be through his works on Diffuse Reality (his own platform) and Subsist Records (the label where we heard of him for the first time). Ravereando is a dark and corrosive track, where Squaric pushes his acid machine to the limits during a trip through apocalyptic landscapes accompanied by the rhythm of his characteristic drumming. A2 is for our fellow, Raszia. With this one he demonstrates again this is the sound where he
fits best. With his brutal kick drum and hypnotic bassline, Flashback sends us back in time directly to the stunning sound of the 90s without a pause. Uncrat is a young Italian producer who we augur great success. Clearly influenced by IDM and avant-garde electronics, his music goes from the most epic and haunting side of techno to the broken rhythms and noises of the experimental and industrial. B1 track, Morney Rusmelt, is one of his more hard-hitting works. Instant reaction on the dancefloor is guaranteed. The mysterious Group, whom we welcome to HC Records, closes the release with another of his unnamed experiments. A journey into the bowels of the heavy machinery used to compose his dystopian soundscapes

Release Info


pos artists title
A1 Squaric Ravereando
A2 Raszia Flashback
B1 Uncrat Morney Rusmelt
B2 Group 160528 0890
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