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Fantastic Mr Vox & Rich Reason - Plimsoul / Bleep Show

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Following his brilliantly odd and celebrated remix of Untolds Yukon, Fantastic Mr Fox returns to Hemlock along with Rich Reason for their debut artist 12. Pitching up their hip hop roots to dubstep tempo, the duo present two uniquely soulful, broken, synth & sub work-outs. a. FMF & Rich Reason Plimsoul Essential listening for those who like a little light amongst the darkness. Glitchy, broken, house beats,an instantly hummable bassline and unrestrained synth melodies collide with abstracted vocals and layered strings to create a piece of pure musical mischief with a heavy dose of soul.aa. FMF & Rich Reason Bleep Show Coming on like a drunk Timbaland, Bleep Show lures you into a false sense of security with its heavy, headnod beats and bass work-out, before suddenlyexploding into a huge, out-of-control arpeggio, filtered strings and trumpet stabs, that build and build into an electro inspired 808 freak-out with more than a few surprises up its (rolled up) sleeves.

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  • End of Life


pos title
A1 Plimsoul
B1 Bleep Show
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