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Audioklinik / Carlos Rios / Plan-E - Volume 13

Recording info

A1: Audioklinik: Vertical Limit:
We are so pleased that these artists contacted us to have a listen to their beats because yet again we have found a new name that is sure to be around for a long time in techno. Vertical Limit has many awesome qualities that every dj will like. Nice filter sweeps with a very catchy synth line, this is sure to win your audience's heart. Make sure to pick their debut track on our label, because just like the early Hardsignals, this record is going to be impossible to find!!!

B1: Carlos Rios: Laagspanning:
Finally, after a little break from our label, we have been able to bring Carlos back to Hardsignal. He has been working diligently in him studio creating many tracks and working on his ever so popular Live PA. Laagspanning is a 4x4 techno beast: great for a hard techno DJ or even a techno DJ. This track sounds great live, with an incredible surround sounding effect. Carlos has made one unique pounding production for us and again, grab it up quickly because it's going to be a stormer!

B2: Plan e: Epsilon Delta 356:
Hardsignal welcomes producer Plan e into its roster. This guy has been working hard in his studio coming up with unique sounding floor destroyers. We were lucky enough to grab this track as his demand is getting greater and greater as time goes by. Epsilon is starts out with nice firm kick and deep bass. The track progresses until we get to probably one of the sickest synth lines ever. Loads of stabs and edits make this one a sure winner at any party it's played at!!!

Release Info

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  • End of Life


pos artists title
A1 Audioklinik Vertical Limit
B1 Carlos Rios Laagspanning
B2 Plan-E Epsilon-Delta-356
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