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Duo Infernale / Cause4Concern / Panic Girl - SALESPACK incl. 002 / 001

Recording info

SALESPACK incuding INF002 and INF001 combined as a 3x12"
INF002: Duo Infernale are back with a new heavyweight release on Infiltrator Records. With tunes like Feeling Blue, Pipe Dreams and Lost In The Worlds on labels such as Soul:r, Timeless Recordings, Dispatch, Shadybrain, as well as Horizons and being featured on Marcus Intalex' top selling Fabric Live CD, Duo Infernale made a heavy impact on the Drum & Bass scene over the years - with airplay on L Doubles 1Xtra Show, BBC Radio 1 & Baileys 'Intabeats' and support from DJs such as Bailey, Kasra, SKC & Physics, Pendulum, Fresh, Adam F, Swift, Bryan Gee, Flight and many more. With their new release on German label Infiltrator Records they continue with another high quality, deep and soulful record, featuring TripHop artist Panic Girl on "Closer" and a remix of Cause4Concerns "Makes Me Wonder".
INF001: Panic Girl returns with her long awaited first studio album Lowlands to be released on Infiltrator Records, following the critically-acclaimed Burn And Rise EP and The Panic Girl Remix EP, which joined together artists like dBridge, Phace and Duo Infernale. This 12-track LP is a very personal and unique journey into the mind of Panic Girl, exploring the depths, dark corners and sparkling mysteries of trip hop and electronica and not only thrusts Panic Girl to new heights, but is also highly addictive and deeply enchanting. With this album Panic Girl is further developing her own sound, taking in haunting melodies, a love of the bass, heavy synth work and oldskool sounds. Lowlands will leave you wanting to hear more and is going to be an album to treasure for sure - if you let her take you on a spellbinding journey into her raw, dark and pure electronica universe. About Panic Girl Hailing from Munich, Panic Girl alias Martha Plachetka dedicated her life to music from an early age. After receiving classical training in piano, guitar, and singing she got deep into the production of electronic music. If you visit her place, it is hard to not fall over a big mess of cables and different production gear like the Marxophone, Doepfer, Stylophone, or Virus synthesizer. Influenced by a wide range of music like 70s psychedelic, progressive rock, trip hop, as well as drum and bass and classical, Panic Girl delivers a deep mixture of electronica and trip hop. Being dead serious about her art, she not only writes her own lyrics and music, but as well produces all recordings on her own.

Release Info

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  • End of Life


pos artists title
A1 Duo Infernale feat. Panic Girl Closer
B1 Cause4Concern Makes Me Wonder ( remix Duo Infernale )
C1 Panic Girl Echoes
C2 Panic Girl Breathe On
C3 Panic Girl Two Wolves
D1 Panic Girl Webs
D2 Panic Girl Bound
D3 Panic Girl In Time
E1 Panic Girl Maze
E2 Panic Girl Between The Shades
E3 Panic Girl Antimatter
F1 Panic Girl Hunt The Night
F2 Panic Girl Spirits
F3 Panic Girl Drums Of War
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