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Andre Walter / Hertz / Pacou / Hot X - Techno for Tsunami

Recording info

The 1st release of this long awaited project is now finally ready for 2006, with 4 strong emotional tracks that where inspired by the TSUNAMI disaster and made specifically for this project. Andre Walter, the main man behind chris leibing's recordings... come up with the 1st installment, very well produced & full of his trademarks,"good production" Pacou, brings his berlinsound into this project, very typical of his style so expect this to do some damage on the dance floors.. Hertz, one of the best new Swedish artists to come out in the past few years, has done loads of good excellent records for various well know labels, we are very happy that he wanted to be part of this, and his track speaks for itself..
HotX: a new talent from hungary, who is part of the HYPERSPACE organizations in hungary, H did this beautiful track for TFT and hopefully he will be a name to look at for in 2006..this Planet is a very fragile & important place for us all, but every now & then Some big natural disaster happens, that lets us know how we are at the mercy of this Earth & that we as human beings need to be a bit more aware of its capabilities, We live in an advanced technological age that should have given us some type of warning. But still they didn?t see this one coming, or maybe that part of the world was just not prepared for this Tsunami that happened. This has made the whole world very aware. All the suffering we saw being televised made us feel for those victims, knowing that they had lost everything even made us feel more for them, so we the techno community have all come together on this project to give AID to the Tsunami Victims.. All proceeds of this record will be donated to the Victims?.

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  • End of Life
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