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Adriano Canzian - Dangerous Mind Ep - vinyl only

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Adriano Canzian has by now developed a trademark sound unlike any other, a genre-twisting hybrid of EBM, techno, industrial and acid beats that has acquired nuance and influences throughout the years, aiming at that uniqueness he's always been reaching for. Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind is a breathless, unrelenting march of a record, a whirlwind of classic industrial sounds driven by a hammering pulse and a shimmer of melting matter. David Carretta's remix smoothens out some edges into a mix of techno and new beats, then Canzian charges on again with Sick Goates , skillfully adding noise frequencies to a goth background, before letting Spain s The Plumbers close with their rendition of Sleeplessness , marked by a dub-sprinkled techno no less belligerent than most of Canzian s catalogue.

Release Info


pos title
A1 Confessions Dangerous Mind 12inch Edit
A2 Confessions Dangerous Mind ( remix David Carretta )
B1 Sick Goats 12inch Edit
B2 Sleeplessness ( remix The Plumbers )
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