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Various Artists - Kosmological Conspiracy LP - incl. full album on CD

Recording info

V/A Kosmological Conspiracy LP

Conceptual drum'n'bass album by KOS.MOS.MUSIC, which has been prepared for several years and consists of tracks united in their unordinary commonness. In a word, the general genre of the album is drum'n'bass, but all the tracks and each in particular are a mixture of different electronic genres based on drum'n'bass and jungle rhythm. One can hear sounding of idm, ethnic patterns, feel a strong influence of psychedelic electronics and in patches even some techno.

The album is opened by 'The Harsh Reality' by Loucura & Dailiv - a powerful halfstep based on kick and bass, hypnotizing pads and drones with putting in trance melody. Further dynamics of the album varies from dancefloor rolling tracks by Electrosoul System, Liquitek, Vortex Involute to avant-garde Dissident & Marginal, deep liquid tracks by nClear, Triple Sky, Nummix, Basic Maneuver, Bop & Electrosoul System collab and breakbeat/jungle track by Pryzma. The album is closed by shamanic bass track by Light Monday. Vinyl version contains exclusive track by M25 & First Function with more predominant idm texture.

Release Info

  • Catalog:
  • Label:
  • Kos.Mos.Music
  • Format:
  • 12"
  • Title:
  • Kosmological Conspiracy LP - incl. full album on CD
  • Artist:
  • Various Artists
  • Style:
  • Drum n Bass
  • Country:
  • Russia
  • Released:
  • 22nd of September 2017


pos artists title
A1 Electrosoul System & Liquitek The Pillars Of Creation
A2 nClear feat. TINA Oi
A3 M25 & First Function Forest Lake
B1 Nummix Suddenly
B2 Liquitek Electric Ray
B3 nClear & Triple Sky Landmark
CD01 Loucura & Dailiv The Harsh Reality
CD02 Vortex Involute Levity
CD03 Electrosoul System & Liquitek The Pillars Of Creation
CD04 nClear & Triple Sky Landmark
CD05 Liquitek Electric Ray
CD06 nClear Jatinga Valley
CD07 Nummix Suddenly
CD08 Basic Maneuver Blastphobia
CD09 nClear feat. TINA Oi
CD10 Dissident & Marginal Supreme Adobe
CD11 Bop & Electrosoul System Sunrise
CD12 Pryzma Shine
CD13 Light Monday Love Spirit
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