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DJ Glow / Letroset / Sir Real / Sol Dat - Kracktronic Limited Volume 2

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The [k]racktroni[k] limited series continues with a second killer 4-track ep combining two fresh new artists with two regulars. Heading up the ep is an energetic blast of bass-driven elektro-funk from Sir Real - could it be describing the death of vinyl? Doubt it?Look out for this track (together with its own video) on an upcoming DVD from Berlin?s Dangerous Drums crew? First up from the guests is an exclusive track from local producer Letroset, whose ?New Plastic? ep on Atak Records still sounds remarkably fresh today, 3 years on from its release. ?Cosmetic Lobotomy? takes some of the techniques used on that record and pushes them even further?this is the sound of equipment being pushed to it?s limit by someone who understands how to milk the finest grooves from them. Flip over and we have another exclusive track, this one from DJ Glow, label-owner of the massively respected Trust label from Austria. ?Anemic Anthem? is probably about as close as [k]racktroni[k] gets to ?purist? electro, though it?s still deviant enough to fit in nicely?cool squawking riffs and strong grooves make it a surefire dancefloor killer.
Finishing off we have a gloriously off-kilter offering from Sol_Dat (aka 8-Bit Apocalypse & Madjack) - heavily driven electro beats peppered with fucked up breaks and a curiously eastern sounding hook make for a strong finish to this fine collection.

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