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The Advent & Industrialyzer / Frank K / Spiriakos & Steen - New F1

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The Advent & Industrialyzer bring you another dance floor monster. doing what they do best.. serious intense Techno with slower BPMs that keeps the true soul of Techno alive...

2 artists from Cz "Spiriakos& Steen".. already had releases on NAKED LUNCH + other labels..
with 02(ZERO) They bring you this Great TECHNO track with some serious pulsating rhythms with an eastern block attitude..

Frank K from Frankfurt, already has a history in Techno bringing the harder side to light but on this K.R.032 release he keeps it more DOWN TO EARTH & jacks these beats with moody grooves & catching noises... enjoy..

Release Info

  • Order:
  • End of Life


pos artists title
A1 The Advent & Industrialyzer New F1
B1 Spiriakos & Steen 02(Zero)
B2 Frank K Organikmind
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