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Lockjaw - Human Research LP Sampler [full colour sleeve]

Recording info

Lockjaw introduces his upcoming LP 'Human Research' with the release of the 'Human Research Sampler EP' on Locked Concept. A longtime curator of adroit, technical drum & bass through his Locked Concept imprint, Lockjaw now steps to the foreground, revealing four tracks from his forthcoming album that exemplify a continued dedication to this guiding principle, whilst displaying his expert abilities across an eclectic array of tracks that give a tantalizing taste of what is to come from the full LP.

The titular 'Human Research' opens with glistening chimes and a pensive drone, quickly joined by a wandering bassline that sweeps through the shadowy milieu of the track's opening, winding its way forwards amongst a series of increasingly sharp and distorted pulses towards the track's main section, where the combination is joined by a frantic drumbeat that rushes forwards with single minded determination.

'Without You' bears a tangible nostalgia, its opening drums carrying a classic, rave inspired piano riff and vocal reminiscent of an earlier era that reaches its climax amongst rising saw stabs, before locking into a dynamic bassline groove still rippling with the same jubilant energy introduced at the track's beginning.

'Velveteen' features the vocals of QUAILS, who provides an ethereal verse that daydreams about possible affection over soft, floating keys and a pulsating bassline, which drift aimlessly until the track grows with excitement in the second chorus amongst rising percussion & desirous guitar. 'Second Chance' considers the prospect of beginning again, as its sweeping pads grow from muted beginnings to produce an originally subdued drumbeat which exudes a humanizing growth in confidence that waxes as its complexity increases, with a rolling bass and stirring percussion introduced alongside wistful pads still wary from the outcome of the unspoken first attempt.

With the 'Human Research Sampler EP', Lockjaw, demonstrates in brief his unique ability to bestow deeply human qualities to his musical productions across a wide array of tones. In debuting these four sample tracks, he issues firm assurance that the forthcoming 'Human Research LP' will be no less mystifying as its researches the condition of humanity and the emotions most central to it.

Release Info

  • Catalog:
  • LCKDLP001S
  • Label:
  • Locked Concept
  • Format:
  • 12"
  • Title:
  • Human Research LP Sampler [full colour sleeve]
  • Artist:
  • Lockjaw
  • Style:
  • Drum n Bass
  • Country:
  • Australia
  • Released:
  • 21st of September 2018


pos artists title
A1 Lockjaw Human Research
A2 Lockjaw Without You
B1 Lockjaw feat. Quails Velveteen
B2 Lockjaw Second Chance
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