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Various Artists - Leyla Various Salespack incl. 1/2/3

Recording info

Leyla's 'Parallels & Influences EP' brings together Mondkopf, Positive Centre, Codex Empire & Yuji Kondo for an assaulting 4 tracks of power infused and industrial strength techno.
Mondkopf starts things roling with militaristic snare rolls and off-kilter analog synthesis into a climatic fervor of dystopian scene-scaping. This then is followed upu energetically by the pounding pressure and liquid 303 squelches of Positive Centre's 'Rub'. Crushed out cymbals battle against booming sub bass as a foghorn call rides high above the tempestuous patterns.
Codex Empire's 'Hessdalen' is as slick and detailed as it is ruff and raw. Huge sweeping backgrounds with intense high end percussion lick over a stomping, staggered kick pattern. Yuji Kondo (one half of the excellent Steven Porter project with Katsunori Sawa) brings things to a close with 'Whip Blow'. Bringing his signature refusal for traditional percussion sources - this peaking track pits high level technicality against deeply hypnotic and brooding rhythm.
Amsterdam based Leyla records presents part two of it's various artists compilation, this time bringing together a host of international artists, as well as a contribution from label boss Chafik Chennouf.

The four tracker commences with Insufferable People from label regular Manni Dee. Following his spectacular EP on Perc Trax, Dee delivers a dancefloor roller containing punctilious sound design integral to his work, with vocals from the artist superimposed over crunchy drums, riding the waves of submerged synths.

Track two from France's Von Grall offers a similar treat for DJs, this time with more introspective elements working in harmony with with propulsive polyrhythms. As the track creeps forward the revelation of drones and synth lines further involves the listener and contributes to a musical landscape populated by rhythmically independent segments, coalescing to form a cogent whole.

Head honcho Chafik Chennouf injects light in to the darkness on the B1 with Kosmai, redolent of EBM style funk rhythms. The stolid arpeggios function as the foundation for percussive interplay which propel the track in to new territory as it progresses. The 90s rave influence becomes apparent as the automations mould and shape the multidimensional lead.

The closer, Useless Landscape, from Japan's Katsunori Sawa immediately immerses the listener as the concrete groove is quickly overtaken by field recordings and a unique tonality emerging through layered drones and warped artefacts. Reminiscent of his work with Yuji Kondo as Steven Porter, the track unveils an intimacy through detail, while maintaing distance through evolving layers of sound creating mystery and magic.

Release Info

  • Catalog:
  • LEYLAVA123
  • Label:
  • Leyla
  • Format:
  • 3x12"
  • Title:
  • Leyla Various Salespack incl. 1/2/3
  • Artist:
  • Various Artists
  • Style:
  • Techno
  • Country:
  • Netherlands
  • Released:
  • 2nd of February 2018


pos artists title
A1 Mondkopf Deadbeat
A2 Positive Centre Rub
B1 Codex Empire Hessdalen
B2 Yuji Kondo Whip Blow
C1 Manni Dee Insufferable People
C2 Von Grall End Of Borders
D1 Chafik Chennouf Kosmai
D2 Katsunori Sawa Useless Landscape
E1 Lucy Group Format 5fg
E2 O/H Worthless Scam
F1 Chafik Chennouf Saturn Matrix
F2 Steven Porter Octahedron
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