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Reeko - la metamorfosis parte 2

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MD20 - La metamorfosis (Part II)

A1, "Capitulo 4". We find Gregor surprisingly accepting of his new reality: far from going crazy, he has serenely discovered in his new self everything he didn't know and didn't perceive as a human being. "Capitulo 4" is an incredibly precise description of the awakening of the new Gregor. Shadows, fog, sinuous silhouettes that are impossible to identify. In one word: confusion.

B1, "Capitulo 5". Vertigo starts to ease, we can hardly feel the anguish and the heartbeat is gone. We are in a new reality and although it seems a done deal, every movement he makes tells Gregor that understanding this new world and his perception of it will not be easy. Chapter 5 demands our everything while we listen: our full dedication and attention to the last minute detail that reveals a new horizon and its new colour, or lack of it. A horizon that, nevertheless, is more perceptible for Gregor, because he can now capture all sorts of colours and emanations.

B2, "Capitulo 6". Light. Gregor still ignores that most domestic insects have a strong aversion to intense light, but his human conscience is still intact and it will take him a long time to reprogramme certain habits, instincts and automatic behaviours, like a preference for lit environments. The painfully intense sensation that his antennae convey to his tiny brain when faced with light is an effective path to learning: little shocks that Reeko reproduces in this track, surrounded by an oscillating and changing ambience that redefines itself each time we listen to it.

Release Info

  • Catalog:
  • MD20
  • Label:
  • Mental Disorder
  • Format:
  • 12"
  • Title:
  • la metamorfosis parte 2
  • Artist:
  • Reeko
  • Style:
  • Techno
  • Country:
  • Spain
  • Released:
  • 20th of April 2014


pos title
A1 Capitulo 4
B1 Capitulo 5
B2 Capitulo 6
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