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Kaiser - Solitude EP [printed sleeve]

Recording info

Monocode seeks the root code of techno with the release of the EP Solitude by Kaiser.

Two original tracks hit the ground running to the beat of a mechanical war drum, aggressive and determined: today's Spartans charging into the night. The title track "Solitude" storms into a dark basement of flashing strobes and lasers. "Another Platform" is a cavalry charge at full gallop. The smooth roll of the beat maintains the pressure as you put miles onto your sneakers against the rave's concrete floor.

Two remixes continue the charge at their own pace. The first is a bouncier beat stripped of its heavy bass, punctuated by cymbals and classic hand claps to lighten the mood. The last track on the EP might at first seem like you could catch your breath, but it's only swinging around to flank the beat from a more angular direction.

Release Info

  • Catalog:
  • MDC001
  • Label:
  • Monocode
  • Format:
  • 12"
  • Title:
  • Solitude EP [printed sleeve]
  • Artist:
  • Kaiser
  • Style:
  • Techno
  • Country:
  • United States of America
  • Released:
  • 15th of March 2019


pos artists title
A1 Kaiser Solitude
A2 Kaiser Solitude ( remix Invite )
B1 Kaiser Another Platform
B2 Kaiser Another Platform ( remix Cassegrain )
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