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Katharsys / Forbidden Society - Psychosis / Domination

Recording info

'Katharsys, from the ancient greek word 'catharsys' meaning the emotional cleansing of the audience in relation to drama, is an extreme change in emotion. The main focus of the duo is to create intense sounds which evoked that kind of extreme changes, into electronic music. Producing from darkstep to neurofunk hard drum&bass, Katharsys has reached different labels, such as Habit (US),Guerilla (US), Barcode (UK), Sinuous (UK), and Obscene (UK), and have progressed to playing their hard as balls sets out to fans around Europe.

Mentally Disturbd releases the harder sounds of the French duo, while on the flip you can find a collab with probably the hardest working man in the hard dnb scene and label owner of the Forbidden Society recordings.
Supported by: Counterstrike, Donny, Dylan, Cooh, Evol Intent, Audio, Dj Hidden, Nanotek, Dean Rodell and Forbidden Society.

Release Info


pos artists title
A1 Katharsys Psychosis
B1 Forbidden Society & Katharsys Domination
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