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Various - Electric Pop 4

Release Info

  • Catalog:
  • MOFA 021CD
  • Label:
  • Mofa Schalplatten
  • Format:
  • 2xCD
  • Title:
  • Electric Pop 4
  • Artist:
  • Various
  • Style:
  • Techno
  • Country:
  • Sweden
  • Released:
  • 30th of November 2005
  • Order:
  • End of Life


pos artists title
CD1-0 That's Italectro
CD1-0 Munk Chloé Ce Kul (Marco Passarani Remix) ( remix Marco Passarani )
CD1-0 Dahlia Clockblock Remixed
CD1-0 Christopher Just Raphael Just Popper (Discotown Mix)
CD1-0 Namosh Cold Cream
CD1-0 UltraViva Dirty Mother
CD1-0 Tigerskin Let The Sunshine In
CD1-0 Röyksopp Only This Moment (Röyksopp's Hissige)
CD1-0 Martin Peter Psychoville (Digitalism Remix) ( remix Digitalism )
CD1-1 Geeza I Know You Don't Like Me (I Hate You)
CD1-1 Mark Moore & Eon Sonny Bozo Trash The Can (Trash Me If You Can Remix) ( remix Noblesse Oblige )
CD1-1 Electronicat Flesh & Accessories
CD1-1 Alden Tyrell Disco Lunar Module Rmx ( remix Lindstrøm & Prins Thomas )
CD2-0 Daft Punk Technologic (No Logic Remix) ( remix Peaches )
CD2-0 Chikinki Something More
CD2-0 The Dance Inc. Looking Like That (Saalschutz Remix) ( remix Saalschutz )
CD2-0 Nid & Sancy Sleaze Boogie (Munk Remix) ( remix Munk )
CD2-0 The Magicake I Was Dancing With Boy George (Adriano Canzian Remix) ( remix Adriano Canzian )
CD2-0 Dirty Princess Meskaylina
CD2-0 Delon & Dalcan Friend
CD2-0 Volksmusik The Force (David Carretta's Force Agressiva Remix) ( remix David Carretta )
CD2-0 Bastards Of Love Neiflheim
CD2-1 Rocco Brabanto Alle Sagen Yeah!
CD2-1 My Man Dot Com Love Your Sister
CD2-1 Scuola Furano Chocolate Glazed
CD2-1 Warren Suicide Adjusting Ourselves
CD2-1 Mujik Perfect Empty
CD2-1 Quasimodo Jones Rock 'N' Roll Dream (T.Raumschmiere Remix) ( remix T.Raumschmiere )
CD2-1 Dick Voodoo Crawl
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