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Jauzas The Shining & Foreign Sequence - Talking Machines

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Jauzas The Shining (Shipwrec, Last Known Trajectory) returns to New Flesh Records, this time accompanied by his compatriot Eliot Forin aka Foreign Sequence (D.KO Records, Concrete Collage). The unexpected duo delivers four unreleased killer cuts of high caliber for your own pleasure. Very Sci-Fi-esque "Talking Machines" takes place in a dystopian future and brings together a collection of powerful electro tracks incorporating elements of rawness, acidity, and melancholy at the focus of this intent.

In overture of the A-side, gloomy "Death By Fuzz" offers an epic collaboration between the two artists: the song fully illustrates the analog brilliance and dancefloor dazzling that they are able to. This heading jam picks things up with solid metallic drums while punishing percussions lift the track even higher until the end. Brainwashing "Painful Headaches" instantly following sees Foreign Sequence in a brilliant solo exercise where he unleashes the acid whereas a solid rhythm leads you to the dancefloor for some robotic and insane movements!

Side B opens with eponymous track "Talkin' Machines", a pulsating journey into processors and computer drivers from the French pair. Characterized by unhealthy melodies, pounding beats and cyborg noises, the cut merges fascinating sequences and dark atmospheres. With its astral pads, Jauzas The Shining's final song "Colombia" takes you on a cosmic trip, traveling at light speed through time and space thanks to mighty distorted FX. A rough ride, deep and intricate to destination unknown, the perfect future funk soundtrack for an no return exploration.

"Talkin' Machines" celebrates the collision of two worlds, two artists with strong universe and personality to become one entity. Rush on it!

Release Info


pos artists title
A1 Jauzas The Shining & Foreign Sequence Death by Fuzz
A2 Foreign Sequence Painfull Headaches
B1 Jauzas The Shining & Foreign Sequence Talkin' Machines
B2 Jauzas The Shining Colombia
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