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Exium - Roots Of Time

Recording info

The spanish duo Exium has been working non stop for almost ten years, both on stage and in the studio. After releasing more than 50 releases
in several labels from around the map, this year they will release their first full lenght album under the Nheoma records flag. A mature work that explores the darkest corners of electronic music creation, seriously and scientifically.
The album starts with Thrasflow, a precise and punchy number where the arpeggiated synths and deep drum programming are the starring
alongside drones, chords and sweepy atmospheres.
Avoid the ritual goes gives a more complex perspective, abstract analog lines, evolving chords and complex drum work that reminds the
best US techno tradition. Front Line starts on a moody vibe, with an IDM like sequence that
mutates in a solid techno track as the minutes go on, with drums constantly growing and reshaping giving an Axis feel. A track for
dancing with ears and feet.
Damage inc. is a broken beats exercise, dubstep flavoured drum programming mixed with sweeping drones and analogue workout, perfect
for a break on a 4 to the floor mix.
Roots acts as an obscure interlude: frequency sweeps and breathing drones over a subtle breakbeat that lies behind. Synchro bring us again to academic techno, obsesive arpeggios, compact beats and agressive stabs. Pure floor filler. Time is a transition track, cosmic flavoured, the soundtrack of a space station working at night. The perfect intro.
Alphanumeric shows the coldest face of the duo, raw drum structures, metallic synths, concrete percussions and floaty details.
Roots of Time closes this great album, resuming on one track all the feelings shown on the previous tracks, abstraction, rhythm and
futurism, as techno should be.

Laurent Garnier
Really strong release. Will definitely play this.
Thanks for the promo.

So far, I like Synchro best.

Jeroen Liebregts
Absolutely great package guys, congrats. My favourites are A1-B2-C2

Matt K
Exium just broke boundaries to start off 2011 with this album. Roots of time is proper techno from every angle. It will be getting all around air play from me. Much respect

Rob Hall
Been playing a few tracks off the album, avoid the ritual, synchro and trashflow, like them a lot.

Kike Pravda
Charted, Gracias.

Paul Boex
Wow. Really into this album, Valentin and Hector did an amazing job on this. Can't really make my pick yet, but it will have my full support! Perfect balance.

Mika Hallback
Very very positively surprised, best stuff I've heard from the guys in over 5 years. 'Front Line' is specially magnificent.
Full support, and can't wait for the vinyl

Angel Molina
Como siempre, gracias por este disco que me pasas, suena muy clasico, muy techno 90's, pero es bueno, que es lo que importa. Raw techno, que se le llama.. con mucha influencia de Mr.Mills. Precisamente el tema que da nombre al album 'Roots of Time' es el que mas me hace. Representa la esencia del techno para mi.

Bas Mooy
Congratz to exium on their first album! Been a supporter of their sound since the start, so will def. be pumping some of these tunes on the floors the following months! good work! :)

Release Info

  • Catalog:
  • NHEOMA009
  • Label:
  • Nheoma
  • Format:
  • 2x12"
  • Title:
  • Roots Of Time
  • Artist:
  • Exium
  • Style:
  • Techno
  • Country:
  • Spain
  • Released:
  • 7th of February 2011


pos title
A1 Trashflow
A2 Avoid The Ritual
B1 Frontline
B2 Damage Inc.
C1 Root
C2 Synchro
C3 Time
D1 Alfanumeric
D2 Roots Of Time
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