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Lowroller & AK-Industry - Epidem1k EP

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Nekrolog1k Recordings is finally back in 2012! After three successful releases and a sold out Nekrolog1k LP they present the Ep1dem1k E.P. by Lowroller & AK-Industry. Expect this E.P. to be well promoted by the Nekromongers all over the net. This E.P. is a versatile 4 tracker featuring the best in Industrial Hardcore and Drum & Bass - or a mixture of both (Crossbreed). The lead song on this E.P. is Ep1dem1k. A high level energy track that guarantees dance floor explosion all over Europe. The other tracks are entitled: 'amater4tsu, mixbreed soldier revisited and raise of the abyss. Order now, limited amount of copies in stock!

Release Info

  • Order:
  • End of Life


pos artists title
A1 Lowroller & AK-Industry Epidem1k
A2 Lowroller & AK-Industry Amaterasu
B1 Lowroller Mixbreed Soldier Revisited
B2 Lowroller feat. Komprex Raise Of The Abyss VIP
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