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Kwartz / Hertz Collision / Undveld - order&devotion 3x12" sales pack

Recording info

order&devotion triple 12" sales pack including: O&D002 / O&D003 / O&D004.

O&D002: Kwartz - Convulsing Bodies
For the living know that they will die, but the dead know nothing.

O&D003: Hertz Collision -All Going
Hertz Collision takes over the third release on Kwartz's label Order&Devotion. The Italian duo, whom have released on labels such as Frozen Border, deliver a moderated charming trip leaded by melodies. On the B side the label honcho and Polegroup affiliated, Kwartz, assumes the remix duties. Adding some electric sounds and increasing the intensity delivered by the original. Undoubtedly this two tracker shapes even more the already reputable sound signature of the imprint, with a prospect to the future.

O&D004: Undveld - Felsaad Tern [incl. Kwartz Remodel]
After releasing in labels such as Offworldcolonies, Undveld brings to Order&Devotion an obscure journey through far landscapes. The beginning of the trip starts with two cuts starred by hypnotic beats, tense pads and abstract synths. Following this, on the B side you'll find a strong remix by label's honcho Kwartz, adding heavy industrialized elements to the Lithuanian artist work. The journey ends with an ambient excerpt.

Release Info


pos artists title
A1 Kwartz Ascension
A2 Kwartz Convulsing Bodies
B1 Kwartz Eternity Looking Down On Us
B2 Kwartz Falling Apart
C1 Hertz Collision All Going
D1 Hertz Collision All Going (Kwartz Remodel) ( remix Kwartz )
E1 Undveld Felsaad Tern
E2 Undveld Breyta
F1 Undveld Felsaad Tern (Kwartz Remodel) ( remix Kwartz )
F2 Undveld Avalt
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