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Electric Anthillman - Concrete Pelvis

Recording info

Oltrarno Raw presents Electric Anthillman, a nervous flickering Berlin-based band who play fast weird disco funk-new wave from outer space...have fun!

Electric Anthillman are:
Rieko Okuda - steam-micro-korg + kiai-vocals
Antti Virtaranta - snakestring-e-bass + opera-vocals
Frank Szardenings - egg-cutter-e-guitar + wiggle-vocals
Peter Schlewinski - marching-funk-drums + complaining-vocals

Recorded 2017 Feb 15th/16th at Butterama-Studio by Daniel Nentwig
Mastered by Sebastian Jechorek
The cover artwork is curated by wetigerz from Chile.

Release Info


pos title
01 Boogey Man
02 Broken Face
03 Can't Talk
04 Drunkenstein
05 Sexy Little IMAX Thang
06 You Don't Know
07 Neko Ga Nekoronda
08 Beyond Your Toe A Squirrel
09 Song Of The Elevator Girl
10 A Little Bit More Hot Water
11 What's The Name Of This Song
12 Useless Information
13 Concrete Pelvis
14 No One
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