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Sebastien Marx Sunil Sharpe - Elements

Recording info

A1? No Lyricz
An absolute stormer to open the EP, Seb goes in hard, pounding beats under a seriously funky stab that will take the floor away.The track builds in intensity, then drops into an epic break, coming back furiously to finish off.

A2 ? Savage
?Savage? takes on a deeper, darker tone, police radio samples crackling, really hard beats & an enormous bass end that travels to a growling stop, waits, then back hard, taking an epic twist that will bring the cheers.

Sunil Sharpe
?The price of Irish techno? as he is known for his DJing in Ireland, this is Sunil?s first release, he?s been producing for a couple of years now and both tracks reflect his background in hard techno & broken beat styles.

AA1- Turned to Brick
An industrial soundscape that is constantly changing, yet still with club appeal, Sunil opens the flip with a wicked track that is highly original and sure to get him the recognition he deserves as a producer.

AA2- Breaker
Displaying a slightly more minimal style, ?Breaker? is a tough piece of techno that will mix well, is solidly produced and will be used by a variety of players.

Release Info

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  • End of Life
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