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Unbalance / Reeko / Mike Parker / Lussuria - Unknown Landscapes Selected 4

Recording info

PoleGroup presents the fourth opus of his CD mix series Unknown Landscapes Vol 4: a compilation of unreleased tracks, mixed and compiled by a member of the PoleGroup platform.

To make up the fourth volume, Juan Rico, has selected 22 previously unreleased tracks. Besides tracks by Reeko, Exium, Kwartz, Jonas Kopp, Pfirter and Oscar Mulero, the tracklist includes works by many new faces at the label, such as Reggy van Oers, DJ Hyperactive, Unbalance and Kangding Ray.

With this fourth volume, PoleGroup invites you to discover a powerful selection of unreleased tracks from high-quality techno producers, all mixed by Reeko in an 74 minutes long compilation.

An extra feature about this mix series is that the selector chooses a maximum of 4 tracks from the mix CD that will be exclusively released on vinyl.
For this edition Juan Rico has chosen tracks from Unbalance, Mike Parker, Lussuria and Reeko

New this year is that the CD, limited to 250 copies, will have a special new packaging, including a poster and will be only available towards the PoleGroup bandcamp page. The fans who order it also will have the right to download the complete download of the mix and bundle with the individual tracks. Pre-orders will start on November 10, 2016

PoleGroup42CD - Unknown Landscapes/ Mix Vol. 4 and
PoleGroup43 - Unknown Landscapes selected 4 - EP, (vinyl)

Unknown Landscapes Vol 4 / Selected and mixed by Reeko

1- Daphne RXX - Aspects
2- Mike Parker - Serrated Formation
3- Reggy Van Oers - Unobtrusive
4- Reeko - Basic Sentence
5- Karl Bult - System
6- DJ Hyperactive - A Running Start
7- Jonas Kopp - Fu Factor
8- Exium - Fluid Dynamics
9- Kwartz - Slow Motion
10- Pfirter - Ver
11- Oscar Mulero - In Full Circle
12- Unbalance - Rejected
13- Tensal - Concatenation
14- Kessell - Addictive States
15- Reeko - Dead Animal
16- Refracted - Positive Charge
17- Kangding Ray - Khat
18- Donor - Last Cause
19- Mod21 - Phasing
20- Trolley Route - Sunflowers
21- Lussuria - Dockside Pickup
22- Positive Centre - Forever Optimun

Tracklist EP
Various Artists - Unknown Landscapes Selected 4 - vinyl (PoleGroup43)

A1 - Unbalance - Rejected
A2 - Reeko - Dead Animal
B1 - Mike Parker - Serrated Formation
B2 - Lussuria - Dockside Pickup

Release Info


pos artists title
A1 Unbalance Rejected
A2 Reeko Dead Animal
B1 Mike Parker Serrated Formation
B2 Lussuria Dockside Pickup
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