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Andre Walter & Chris Hope / Claudio Ponticelli / Luis Ruiz & Andreas Florin - Planet Rhythm Pack incl. 56 / 78 / 85

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Here we probably have the flagship of modern day techno music. The Planet Rhythm label was founded by Glenn Wilson and has been one of the leading icons in harder, underground club techno.
Stigmata member Andre Walter teams up with Chris Hope for a juicy collab. Resulting in their trademark pounding beats and destructive bass-heavy productions this one is bound bound to be caned by all the usual players!


2010 was a great year for Planet Rhythm, solid releases from great artists and a lot of good feedback, airplay and reviews. Many dj's are happy to play the releases and the crowd reacts in the only proper way, just dancing and showing love.
Planet Rhythm is standing for quality techno releases and will continue doing so for years to come. First up for 2011 is Claudio Ponticelli showing his look on the Italian side of techno, enjoy and play it out loud as usual!


Luis Ruiz & Andreas Florin make their vinyl debut on Planet Rhythm, Another rolling Techno release with Staggering sounds all the way through. This 4 track counting EP is touching all sorts of rugged vibes that you'll definitely enjoy when being a PRRUK follower. Peak time anthems and edgy sounds.

Release Info


pos artists title
A1 Andre Walter & Chris Hope Bitch
B1 Andre Walter & Chris Hope Snare weapon
B2 Andre Walter & Chris Hope Today
C1 Claudio Ponticelli Crime Scene
C2 Claudio Ponticelli Mototopo
D1 Claudio Ponticelli Sturm Und Drang
D2 Claudio Ponticelli Not For The Faint Of Heart
E1 Luis Ruiz & Andreas Florin Metal Hurlant
E2 Luis Ruiz & Andreas Florin Conscience
F1 Luis Ruiz & Andreas Florin Rootage (original mix)
F2 Luis Ruiz & Andreas Florin Worlds Before Our Own
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