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DJ Rocca - Channa Six

Recording info

Rotten City Records welcomes a new citizen, but not a newcomer tothe scene. He is Luca Rocca atagliati, best known as Dj Rocca, a veteran dj and producer from Italy,half Ajello, half Supersonic Lovers, half fromCrimea , a third ofElectric Tree and regular contributor with legendary Dj's like Daniele Baldelli or Dimitri From aris. After his multiple releases on labels like Is It Balearic ?, Nang or Futureboogie, Luca joins to our beloved rotten city with two original tracks showing his darker, narcotic and narrative side, concocting a bizarre and labyrinthine disco, which develops a spiral shaped staircase from the inside. He is the same Dj Rocca away from the cliches, who seek for more punch, more flexible rhythms, heartfelt emotions, and does not pursue the easy impact. Channa Six and Popi box are composed during a period in which he was searching for new sounds, creating a sort of cosmic pshychedelic aggressive taste of sound as far as Channa Six is concernid and a soundtrack abstract style in regards to Popi Box. Technically the tracks are based on a main arp, thanks to his new toy (at the time) Doepfer Dark Time, and both tracks have that spooky sound thanks to the Korg Trident synth which is a champion within the retro future sound. Many influences can be named here: Firstly, Channa Six was composed when he was really into listening to albums from Liaison Dangerous, Shock Corridor and Shrieckback... that sort of new wave sick electro with a huge mental big emotional atmosphere are very prensent in the track.Popi Box was made when Luca was really addicted to Soderbergh's The Knick series,and the Cliff Martinez soundtrack really blew his mind at the time. That is also very noticiable. The Ep is complemented by the personal approaches of British MR TC (Optimo Music) and the legendary Justin Robertson (Deadstock 33s). Thefirst one, if possible, makes the original a bit more druggy, while the second cut makes Popi Box sound more mechanical and industrial, creating that feeling of waiting for euphoria to break down. Insane.

Release Info

  • Catalog:
  • RCR003
  • Label:
  • Rotten City Records
  • Format:
  • 12"
  • Title:
  • Channa Six
  • Artist:
  • DJ Rocca
  • Style:
  • House
  • Country:
  • Spain
  • Released:
  • 2nd of December 2016


pos artists title
A1   Channa Six
A2 DJ Rocca Channa Six ( remix MR TC )
B1 DJ Rocca Popi Box
B2 DJ Rocca Popi Box (Justin Robertson's Deadstock 33s Remix) ( remix Justin Robertson )
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