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Various Artists - Pushing Red Pack feat. 003 / 005 / 007

Recording info

RED003: With the success of Pushing Red's first two releases, we decided we would step things up with remixes from the scenes top producers in their respected genres. Both F & Headhunter need no introductions fusing unique ideas & production values when it comes to dubstep & techno. These two remixes showcase both style and class in a way that only F & Headhunter can pull off and we are truly honored to have them involved.

A. Azure ( F Remix )
Kicking things off is F with a outstanding recreation of Jus Wan's already classic 'Azure'. A sneaking intro builds on the original pads before dropping into a steady snare. Growling bass slowly sneaks into the picture and drops into and perfect blend of rough & smooth. F has taken an already great tune and kept the integrity of the original, while giving it his own signature flavor. Classic remix!

AA. Avoid The Noid ( Headhunter Remix )
Another man who needs no introduction has graced us with a superb remix of DJG's 'Avoid The Noid'. Headhunter takes things very deep with a thumping 4/4, deep house kind of affair. A deep kick keeps the pace with deep low end that will work out any sound system. The original pads have been drawn out and sprinkled with the original key work. Fans of deep dubstep and house will love this tune and we hope as much as we do!

DJ Support: RSD, 2562, Headhunter, Komonazmuk, Synkro, Jus Wan, DJG, June Miller, F


RED005: Long time producer and innovator ASC steps to Pushing Red with two fantastic pieces of Detroit-tinged techno. He's well known in many circles for his wonderful drum & bass releases which more recently have brought him success on such labels Exit, Nonplus & his own Auxilary. His is also known for other tempos and this release is pure evidence that he is just as deadly in this realm as his drum & bass!

A punishing 4/4 kicks things off before distorted, crushing bass and effects propel this monster into Detroit territory! While this tune is a monster, everything is perfectly layered and everything within the tune makes sense. Reverbed keys and delayed effects pull everything together! Definitely one for the fans who like their beats with a little teeth!

The Glow harks back to the glory days of Warp Records and mid 90's techno & electronic. A subtle 4/4 keeps the momentum going while the bassline could workout any soundsystem. Lush keys and pads sit perfectly on top creating that wonderful melodic and nostalgia feel! Definitely one for fans of deeper, melodic techno!


RED007: Red007 sees Pushing Red taking a slightly different turn with more of a 'juke' style release. (Greek - known as Dimitri) buckles down with a with what could be called as a fusion of juke, ghetto house & footwork to outstanding results. The sharp 808 kicks and bassline pulsate throughout the tune while a sharp vocal sample cuts through giving the tune that much more punch! Flip over for the wonderful Ikonika remix. Ikonika has really taken this tune and given it her own feel and appeal. Turning the stormer into more of a halftime/ house feel, it's hard to put to words the outcome. It's ferocious & melodic and all wrapped up with that signature Ikonika feel! One you just have to hear!

Release Info

  • Catalog:
  • REDPACK003
  • Label:
  • Pushing Red
  • Format:
  • 3x12"
  • Title:
  • Pushing Red Pack feat. 003 / 005 / 007
  • Artist:
  • Various Artists
  • Style:
  • Dubstep
  • Country:
  • United States of America
  • Released:
  • 30th of October 2015


pos artists title
A1 Jus Wan Azure ( remix F )
B1 DJG Avoid The Noid ( remix Headhunter )
C1 ASC Advent
D1 ASC The Glow
E1 ΔΔ Sportex
F1 ΔΔ Sportex ( remix Ikonika )
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