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Memorial Home - Somewhere EP

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For the second release of their own imprint "Rapid Eye Movement", Memorial Home heads the way and signs an opus chock-full of profoundly personal character, high sensitivity and forceful refinement.
The EP, to be issued in December 2017 in both vinyl and digital versions, features three original tracks and two remixes composed by Kas:st and AWB. Properly titled "Somewhere", it is driven by an aesthetic quest for the essence of musical creation, when it becomes a channel of connection with the deepest self or intimate soul. Technical brilliance, expressed in its purest form and exempt of any tricks or artifices, here is clearly used to serve emotive escapism and the elevation of mind, while the body is shivered by sensitive thrills. Thanks to this mature recipe, the duo leads us into a crystal halo nurtured by immersive and melodic waves of arpeggios and emphasized by evocative ethereal breakdowns. With "Silver" and "Somewhere", the techno dogging beat and the steady bassline are appropriately mastered to highlight the dramatic progression of melodic synth textures that have a fierce mystical appeal. "Escape" demonstrates that an ambient-like downtempo can reach the same magnetic effect by harnessing a mixture of intimate and hypnotic atmospheres. The more energetic or banging techno approach adopted by Kas:st and AWB magnifies the cosmic spirit of the original signature without losing its genuine emotional sophistication and complexity. A captivating demonstration of anti-demonstrative mastery. No doubt that with this new release Memorial Home will speak to the mind of knowledgeable music lovers as well as nightclubbers in demand of subtle and elegant flavors.

Release Info


pos artists title
A1 Memorial Home Somewhere
A2 Memorial Home Silver
A3 Memorial Home Escape
B1 Memorial Home Somewhere ( remix Kas:st )
B2 Memorial Home Silver ( remix AWB )
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