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Ascion / D. Carbone / Shapednoise - Untitled

Recording info

'Played and Supported by Chris Liebing,Luke Slater,Speedy J,Tommy Four Seven,Audio Injection,Drumcell,DVS1,Norman Nodge,Technasia,Shifted,BCR Boys,Samuel L Session and more.

We meet a new project, cool, and damn techno. Design concept and sounds that rather than being projected towards Europe, appear to come from Europe, more precisely from somewhere dark and cold in the north of the continent. But no! The minds that conceived the project are all Italian and lie along a line connecting cities like Palermo and Naples, at least for the moment. Because as you might expect from the country's 'brain drain', the imaginary line will continue soon on his way to the last stage: Berlin, the capital of the electronic scene. We are talking about Ascion, D. Carbone and Shapednoise. They are already well-known artists .. already appeared on several major labels in the field and played by the best djs and producers. A dark graphics without compromise! A dark and heavily industrial sound takes the listener on a journey made of metallurgical plants and hypnotic post-apocalyptic scenario,the result is devastating. The releases, starting with the first (which will appear in the catalog as '000'), will be all vinyl.

On side A, there is only one track signed by Ascion. A train sound that travels through dark landscapes, narrow and foggy. During the journey of reverb, effects and a drum
without compromise.. a bass line tries to communicate directly from the darkness, that is all around us. Side B opens with the track signed by D. Carbone . This time the train goes directly into the darkness ..sounds of the whip show that the punishment for those who listen will be heavy; pauses to give breath .. but there isnt time for mercy. Side B ends with the track signed by Shapednoise and now the train fell into nothingness! As a clock, the heavy rhythmic 'breaks' marks the final minutes of a trip ..definitely ended up in the darkest part of the planet. The dark forces have taken over. '

Release Info


pos artists title
A1 Ascion Untitled
B1 Shapednoise Untitled
B2 D. Carbone Untitled
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