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Various Artists - SALESPACK including ROSE001 / ROSE003 / ROSE010

Recording info

Following eight years running the EevoNext imprint with Stefan Robbers, Rosedale Records aims to showcase hand-picked producers sharing sides with remixes by techno's establishment and some of Estroe's new discovered talents via her own producer advice company. But there's no better way of getting down to business with a pound of no-nonsense, signalling of intent from the boss herself, a nice means of getting the ball rolling and to set future contributors on the Rosedale path.

First up, 'I See You', which has all the welcome of a sniper looking at you through a set of crosshairs. A glowering riff wades into alien frequencies and floating signals caught in Estroe's bass-mounted operation. For all it's worth as a piece of razor sharp techno, it still shows plenty of energetic, accessible bounce in its hydraulics, and ability to bring tension to arenas twice over where the pressure of the kick drum undercuts shadowy, ambiguous shades.

Re-serviced by Deadbeat, the Canadian Scott Monteith speckles his nickel-plated pistons with dirt, double-times the original's riff and drives home a metronomic, tech-energised raider of the dancefloor. Making the engine purr, clamping the joint down, and then adding fuel to the fire with an injection of acid, this is the sweet spot for those who measure track desirability by the amount of sweat they're swimming in by the end of it.

Dragged along by an 8-bit-themed wash of addictively Sheffield-born bass, 'I Wish' is set in the long tradition of dance music where airy, twinkling keys are pitched against what is a savage bottom end. Dreamy clubbing in many ways because of its trance veneer, it shies away from an ambient tag by making you think you can sail away, before you realise you're knee deep in beats that develop the bump of a cuddly monster. What's more, it epitomises the new label's ethos of supplying tracks that are 'moody and deep, but always with an energetic edge.'

Nadia Struiwigh is one of Estroe's regular partners on the platters, and her remix reiterates the package's demeanour of being granite-jawed and something to swerve in a dark alley. Despite being dominated by a kick drum leaving bruises on your ears, it fits the profile of the strong silent type in parallel to the gentle giant of the original, patiently lying in wait and unperturbed by a stretch of synth flicks looking to find a break in its defence. Struiwigh is resourceful with her power, offering wide open spaces so as to maximise its stark noise, and chiselling away into the night like a skilfully sharpened sledgehammer.
DRUMCELL / DROID RECORDINGS: loving the moeller remix!

ANGEL MOLINA ( SONAR / TRESOR ): 'Forecast (Duplex remix)' does a lot for me, lovely Detroit influences, though this is not what I usually play. Thanks!

Ian O'Donovan: Nice dubby stuff all round, Brendon Moeller mix is my fav. Thnx.

Luca 'D Arle: Great Ep !!!! Duplex remix is my favorite !!1 Thanks to Estroe for the promo ;)

Nuno Dos Santos | Kollektiv : Conrete original & brendon moeller dub are cooool!!

Terry Grant: The Moeller dub is brutal. Love it.

Pawas Gupta : Super deep dubby tunes.. Echologist dub is my fav !!

Neil Quigley: Nice EP, thanks.

REBEKAH / CLR: The BM dub is cool, nice groove, builds nicely

Karl Chulo: Amazing EP, the originals are incredible and the dub mix are fantastic too. I'll be playing these tracks for sure! Thanks again to the Rosedale Records for quality Ep again and again! Big support and love from Montreal and La Famiglia Recordings' crew

ALLAND BYALLO / NIGHTLIGHT MUSIC, BAD ANIMAL, POKERFLAT: Moeller. Nuff said. Okay maybe Moeller/Echologist. Now nuff said. :)

Wigbert: Another great Rosedale Release! Thanks so much :)

Scotty A.: amazing work here, hard to pick a favourite, original of forecast is edging it for me, but i will try them all. full support. Cheers

ETAPP KYLE: Deep and beautiful. I like it! Thanks

Luke Warren: Very cool deep and dubby vibes. Colophon Forecast mixes are my fav's.
Release number 10 introduces us to the music of Nachtamt. This is his debut release and he is another one of Estroe's Music Advice Agency talents.

Nachtamt first met Estroe in 2013 as he was looking to get advice on producing music with Ableton Live. It meant that in their first session together Estroe had to 'endure' Nachtamt's extensive library of FastTracker productions, but after a few more sessions she would begin to hear the potential in Nachtamt's Ableton creations.

The sessions with Estroe would drive Nachtamt to create more and more music which eventually lead to Estroe
signing two of his exquisitely evocative tracks to Rosedale Records.

The idea behind Nachtamt's original mix of 'Enhanced Awareness' is to depict levels of awareness and how people perceive the world, and how things may not be what they seem at first glance. The track starts with a springy bassline while gentle aqueous percussion materializes gradually as if delicate raindrops are beginningto fall on the surface of a small stream. Like a floating leaf, one is carried along in the flow. High metallic synth sounds shimmer like moonlight through trees and dance delicately with the emerging carillon of chiming melodies as the whole semblance of the track transforms into something a little less gentle, but more gloriously lush.

MUUI's remix of 'Enhanced Awareness' explores Nachtamt's idea further and deeper. It opens with a mood of apprehensiveness. A continuous single note hangs uneasy in the mix as distant and reverb soaked bass synths lurk, brooding in the shadows like a menacing figure. Short, sharp melodies hide almost from view while the chattering percussion which occasionally surfaces is like a paranoid thought - or like nervous eyes watching...

The question is, who is hiding from who?

The original mix of 'A Minority of One' contemplates a quote from George Orwell's '1984' in which the main character, Winston, considers whether or not he is mad for believing the truth even when no one else does.

'Perhaps a lunatic was simply a minority of one.' The staccato orchestral stabs and almost militaristic rhythm of the percussion is obedient, like the citizens of 'Oceania', they work away throughout the track while the introspective but defiant sounding lead captures the idea of a solitary mind beautifully. Estroe's remix of 'A Minority of One' starts off with sombre pads and atmospherics. The loneliness of the overlying melody and it's introspective nature portray the 'Minority of One' theme perfectly. Once again, as in the original, orchestral stabs announce themselves. Unsubmissive they stand out, on their own, reinforcing the original idea further. However there is a different feel to the remix in that the mood is more reflective and while quite melancholic, there are periodic moments of optimism, like Winston has slowly accepted the nature of his thoughts.

Release Info

  • Catalog:
  • Label:
  • Rosedale Records
  • Format:
  • 3x12"
  • Title:
  • SALESPACK including ROSE001 / ROSE003 / ROSE010
  • Artist:
  • Various Artists
  • Style:
  • House
  • Country:
  • Netherlands
  • Released:
  • 3rd of June 2016


pos artists title
A1 Estroe I See You
A2 Estroe I See You - Deadbeat's Double Down Acid Dub
B1 Estroe I Wish
B2 Estroe I Wish ( remix Nadia Struiwigh )
C1 Colophon Concrete
C2 Colophon Concrete ( remix Brendon Moeller )
D1 Colophon Forecast
D2 Colophon Forecast ( remix Duplex )
E1 Nachtamt Enhanced Awareness
E2 Nachtamt Enhanced Awareness ( remix MUUI )
F1 Nachtamt A Minority Of One
F2 Nachtamt A Minority Of One ( remix Estroe )
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