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Lee Holman - One Man Army Remixes EP

Recording info

Inaugurating 2016 with Lee Holman's debut 'One Man Army' on Raw Waxes, the Italian imprint welcomes the new year with a series of remixes of the Irish producer's release of last May, which feature four benchmarks of contemporary techno: Cassegrain, Distant Echoes, Haiku and Kimyon. The Dystopian-affiliate producer Distant Echoes rips 'Deadly Pursuer' of its turbulent minimalism, lustering the mindstressing kick and widening the tracks profundity. A slow evolving melody takes over the background, bestowing the track with a cryptic and dreamy aftertaste - one of the Italian producer's characteristic mindsets - to properly enter the realms of grey shaded techno.

Label owner Haiku tricks the listener's sensations with a saturated and destructured fast kick, flavored by a soiled yet tickling disturbance. Enveloping the chant of futuristic mermaid robots with ragged tonalities, his remix is a mixture of lustful
concupiscence and men's most violent instincts. Visual artist and Metroplex label manager Kimyon, pursues the sense of disorientation of the original cut, breaking into its nocturnal darkness. A Pong-like kick, simulating the hypnotizing repetitive noise of a bouncy ball, plays footsie with a roller coasting melody. A musical paradox with an ever changing vanishing point.

Also known for their Arcing Seas project on Our Circula Sound, Greek-British duo Cassegrain's track features hammering bells polished by an essential and almost timid hi hat and a concrete kick, obscured by metallic tonalities. A warning synth makes its
appearance, ushering in a moment of deep sound madness that slowly fades out, restoring normality.

The record is out on 12" vinyl format. It comes on black vinyl with an additional hand numbered paper insert realized by German illustrator Benedikt Rugar, who also designed the illustrations of Lee Holman's 'One Man Army'; the drawing is a continuation of that release's visual abstract porn concept.

Release Info

  • Catalog:
  • RWXS008
  • Label:
  • Raw Waxes
  • Format:
  • 12"
  • Title:
  • One Man Army Remixes EP
  • Artist:
  • Lee Holman
  • Style:
  • Techno
  • Country:
  • Italy
  • Released:
  • 23rd of February 2017


pos artists title
A1 Lee Holman Reconnaissance (Kimyion WKND Drum Mix) ( remix Kimyion )
A2 Lee Holman One Man Army ( remix Haiku )
B1 Lee Holman Deadly Persuer ( remix Cassegrain )
B2 Lee Holman One Man Army (Distant Echoes Deconstruction) ( remix Distant Echoes )
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