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Pollaar - Executioners From Shaolin

Recording info

For the 10th Shaw Cuts release, Lazarus and Farron join forces on their new collaboration project Pollaar, defying Pai Mei and his alliance with the ruling Manchurian Court who aim to quash the revolutionary rebels. Crane and tiger techniques vs. the seemingly invincible versatile villain and his squad.

The story begins when Pai Mei and his entourage raid the shaolin temple where the rebels have found refuge. Only a few rebels and students escape the attack, among them, Hung Hsi-Kuan. "Haslam" and its blasting drum patterns paired with bright sounding synth fragments help Hung Hsi-Kuan and his copartners to safety. They finally find a safe haven with a traveling opera group. Along the way, Hung encounters the fair Ying Chun, herself a master of the crane technique. They fall in love and have a son, Wen-Ting. Hung could not forget though, and dedicates himself to mastering the art of the tiger style for the next ten years, to finally compete against Pai Mei. The superiority of Pai Mei in the following clash is accentuated by the vigorous drum punches and spacial undertone of "Bonucci Unit". But Pai Mei spares the wounded Hung's life, letting him go. While Ying Chun teaches her son the crane style, Hung devotes himself to relentless tiger style training for seven more years, to challenge Pai Mei once again.

"P-9" and its forceful breakbeat punches, energizing pads and resonant percussion, sets the tone of the duel resulting in Pai Mei's victory and Hung's death. Wen-Ting vows vengeance and continues to tirelessly perfecting his crane style while still dedicated to learning the tiger style. Both combined is the only way to defeat Pai Mei. One year later, Wen-Ting is ready and embarks on the journey to Pai Mei's temple. The menacing and gritty atmosphere of "Compound" and its spellbinding groove filled with abstract machine sounds pushes Wen-Ting to his limit. The white-bearded master has been vanquished, but is he gone forever? Judge for yourself...

Release Info

  • Catalog:
  • SC-010
  • Label:
  • Shaw Cuts
  • Format:
  • 12"
  • Title:
  • Executioners From Shaolin
  • Artist:
  • Pollaar
  • Style:
  • Techno
  • Country:
  • Germany
  • Released:
  • 14th of February 2020


pos title
A1 Haslam
A2 Bonucci Unit
B1 P-9
B2 Compound
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