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DavidChristoph - Tokyo part 1

Recording info

With DavidChristoph we have a fresh, fulminant Dj battle, which stands for extravagant work behind the decks! Feasting up to the point of ecstasy, dancing in great profusion and music that forces you to move your body, are just 3 maxims they act on.

Real attention was attracted in the year 2008 through
tracks on the famous label Felix Krocher Recordings, Abstract Records, etc.! Even the popular Dj Rush played their tracks on the well known TIMEWARP in front of thousands of feting people!
Numerous gigs followed and they showed that they got this special thing to stand out of the mass of acts!

Since 2009 they got their own Label called 'Gangstar Records'. So they achieve their own 'Philosophy of music' and are involved in creating new ways in 'modern techno' and so reinvent themselves !
The first record which was released on their own Label was more than a success, the EP was chartllisted by nearly all record shops! At the famous record shop it was charted as 1!!! And again you can find them in the cases of all the big names in the scene!!
Furthermore in 2010 the founded another label with the name 'colors of techno'! With this project they want not only to focus the music, also the art around electronic music! So a huge community grew up, which worked together on electronic music and all arts around it. (check it

End of 2009 Dave and Chris decided to change one more time their agency; Enhanced Music is their new home, which is owned by nobody else than Frank Kvitta himself!! Furthermore it's the home of great Techno artists like Industrialyzer, Virgil Enzinger, Submerge and Boris S..

2010 - the future is about to begin..
DavidChristoph is full of energy for the new year! So the two heads of Colors of Techno Records and Gangstar Records decided to do a lot more projects, just simply because they love what they do! So they have a release on the famous label Naked Lunch!

Numerous releases on really famous labels are fixed and will be in record stores soon, new projects are in process to be realized and next gigs are waiting to be played!!

Never forget

Release Info

  • Catalog:
  • SNDKT020
  • Label:
  • Syndikaat Records
  • Format:
  • 12"
  • Title:
  • Tokyo part 1
  • Artist:
  • DavidChristoph
  • Style:
  • Minimal
  • Country:
  • Netherlands
  • Released:
  • 29th of November 2010
  • Order:
  • End of Life


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A1 Japanese Japanese
A2 Karaoke Ninja
B1 Traffic
B2 Manga King
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