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Dubit & Scalameriya / Dadub - Instinct

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"Every place, in which the human being lives, imposes you to choose. We are continually bombed by voices that try to check us and more our mind digs in the depth of own heart, more we hear the necessity to go over the barriers that are built. This way we are and so we will stay. We walk in a crowd of voices and we are continually looking for a something that can maintain us hungry and rebellious against our bossy Ego.

The instinct sometimes helps us and brings out. Human beings and the emotions belong to ourselves. We sometimes need the silence to really understand what we want and in which we obviously believe. Imagine you, as in a metaphor of the life, to find you in front of the choice among two doors: one left half open and the other wide open. From the left half open one a thread of light that emanates safety goes out, essential element for the human being.

That wide open is dark, it transmits insecurity and not for this it arouses less curiosity. The curious man is the man of the myth of the cavern of Plato; man that puts in danger his own certainties to follow his own instinct and to seek that element new main point for his mental growth. This man will always choose the dark room and what he will find inside, it will always be distinguished according to the emotional state in which is found.

The EP of Dubit and Scalameriya contains this meaning, music as metaphor of the life contained in the antithesis between safety and curiosity.
Words by Lorenzo Salmi "

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pos artists title
A1 Dubit & Scalameriya Instinct
B1 Dubit & Scalameriya Prowl
B2 Dubit & Scalameriya Instinct ( remix Dadub )
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