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DJ Ogi - Journey

Recording info

Submissions opens the new year with a brand new doublepack LP by mister OGI! Ogi is one of the most succesfull Submissions artists and he send so many good tracks he deserves to have his full artist album!
Great music for techno lovers around the globe.

Starting with a proper intro on A1, followed by the track DARK SUN on A2. This tracks sets the pace for the album in the true OGI style. hard kicks, subzero soundscapes and even harder kicks on top! A3 brings XXXL. This is a fast driving tracks full of sneaky percussion and again the trademark XXXL Ogi KICK!
The flip starts of with a slighty slower pace, but don't be fooled. After the atmospheric breakdown, you will find yourself dancing like there's no tomorrow once again..
Talking about dancing. You can't sit still on B2 either. Starting with a clean kick, the epic synths come in and take on the next journey.
And this was just plate 1.. The next plate is for the true hard techno heads. Fast laced beats and a acid like melody line bring you into the real dark hours of the nite and the track after that is for all the real BEASTS out there!
Flip it over for one of the highlights of the album. Mare is one of those hardtechno tracks that can be played in any style set! Jackin' beats and vibe building breakdowns create a great track!!
Back to serious techno for the last one of this great album. True SUBMISSIONS techno for all the real fans!!!

PET DUO (Kne Deep, Sao Paolo, Brasil) : We liked it a lot! not only one! Its very well produced


LUKAS (Trivial Music, Campinas, Brasil) : Album rocks man. Man! My favourites are SAT and DARK SUN.. Amazing work! Congratulations!!

LEXIS (Trivial Music, Ljubljana, Slovenia) : big up for this LP,Ogi strikes again :) my fav are def XXXL and THE FUNK,but still,other tracks are kicking ass aswell

PAUL LANGLEY (Jackstar, London U.K.) : I played a few trax, xxxl, dark sun, sat. The trax are well produced and sit well between my jackin style and the harder stuff I finish my set with.

BOLD (Kne Deep, Australia) : great work from the legendary croatian dj ogi, i enjoyed this a lot, many nice tracks, solid bass and crisp sound. Great stuff!

CONCRETE DJZ (Armatura, Belgrade, Serbia) : Track 'SAT' will be playd in our set.
PATRICK DSP (Canada) OGI is one of the main guys for rough and tumble techno for a reason! Always crisp clean production with teeth and this album is no exception. This album will be in my case for a long while.

GREG NOTILL (France): Thx again for this amazing album. For sure it'll burn some floors. Def, I'll play some tunes during my next sets ! keep on rockin mate !

SPY (Trivial Music, Barcelona, Spain): I will play Dark Sun, it is stompy and for beginning a set works perfect. Very clear and clean sound, nice break not too much elements. Good Hardtechno track ;)

MATT K. (Niyutrus, Atlanta, USA) This is a great album! Perfect timing as well as I have been asked recently to do a UK interview & radio mix for BlindSpot UK and also a interview & mix out of Ireland's Inferno Magazine as well. Also forthcoming live set dates at USA's Winter Music Conference therefore I will use some of the tracks from the album in the essential mixes & be sure to mention you & your album as well!

Release Info

  • Catalog:
  • Label:
  • Submissions
  • Format:
  • 2x12"
  • Title:
  • Journey
  • Artist:
  • DJ Ogi
  • Style:
  • Techno
  • Country:
  • Netherlands
  • Released:
  • 8th of February 2010
  • Order:
  • End of Life


pos title
A1 Journey Intro
A2 Dark Sun
B1 Vizia
B2 Otra
C1 Osa
C2 The Funk
D1 Mare
D2 Sat
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