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Dogs on Crack vs. Katz on K remix Viper XXL remix Dj Lukas - Ruin the Dark

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Viper XXL and Dj Lukas join the manic pets for another distorted nightmare into the sounds of the ever growing mayhem that is Dogs On Crack vs. Katz On K.

Ruin The Dark is the 1st twisted output delivering the usual offerings of intense chaos ground together with the dark hearings of a mental ward. If you think you are the dogs bollox think again - Ruin The Dark is set to separate the pitbulls from the poodles..

Dj Lukas reworks Ruin The Dark into his own well driven floor pounder taking a pinch of the dark and adding that grinding rhythm that we come to expect from his productions..

Attack is the leftovers of a claw and jaw fight in a sordid night club in London Town: The relentless aggression builds to pave the way for the kat to unleash the final ear bending sirens to finish the fury fisticuffs once and for all..

Viper XXL picks up the pieces from the alley kat - brawl to bring attack to a new life. This Schranz legends eye for demented breaks and uncompromising rhythms once more rear their ugly heads on this unrestrained remash..

Please dont feed the animals!!

Release Info

  • Order:
  • End of Life


pos title
A1 Ruin the Dark
A2 Ruin the Dark ( remix Dj Lukas )
B1 Attack
B2 Attack ( remix Viper XXL )
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