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Philogresz remix Secret Cinema remix Qbical - Debut on Blackwarm EP

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Debut on Blackwarm is the longawaited debut of Philogresz on TEAM. The Release contains stunning melodies in context to the dance floor need. It is a strong epic adventure.

A.1 Biological, Secret Cinema remix
Secret Cinemas uplifting remix prepares us to the summer wickedness. This might be your strongest tool for the festival season. Roll it and Bang it loud!

B.1 Biological, Original remix
Original piece reflects the characteristic harmonic composition of Philogresz. Subtitle instrument presentation, catchy bass lines and dusty percussive additions lead us to the deep moods with intensity.

B2. Elusive Emotion, Qbical remix
Qbicals reconstruction aims its target straight to the dance floor. 03.41 and you will experience something detonating.

Release Info

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  • End of Life


pos artists title
A1 Philogresz Biological ( remix Secret Cinema )
B1 Philogresz Biological (Original)
B2 Philogresz Elusive Emotion ( remix Qbical )
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