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Various Artists - Morning Cartoon

Recording info

Wahever Records presents ''Morning Cartoon'', a new venture combining drum machines and wind instrument harmonies, interspersed with percussion in wood and metal - humans breathing with an electronic heart.Recorded in London dreaming of faraway continents, sunny islands and banana trees.Paying respect to the Joy of Sound, a charity promoting social inclusion through music - a luminous organisation that provided the space for the artists on this record to meet. Their work reminds us that music is a way of sharing feelings and elevating ourselves. Morning Cartoon is a series of collaborations by London-based artist Matteo Boyero. The first track ''Homerton Air'' features Robert Goldsmith on tenor sax. Tim Wall is on clarinet for ''Oool'' and ''Simple Analog Pleasures''. ''Sampling the Joy Of Sound Redmond Files'' is co-produced with Rodolphe d'Audiffret, with Nick Onley on tenor sax and flute; this track was previously released for the Joy of Sound and has been remastered for this release. As the title suggests, it contains samples from a concert by the Joy Of Sound. The artwork was created by Basile Carel and the special edition prints by Anonym Zelig.

Release Info

  • Catalog:
  • WAHEVER005
  • Label:
  • Wahever Records
  • Format:
  • 12"
  • Title:
  • Morning Cartoon
  • Artist:
  • Various Artists
  • Style:
  • Electronic
  • Country:
  • United Kingdom
  • Released:
  • 18th of May 2018


pos artists title
A1 feat. Robert Goldsmith Homerton Air
A2 feat. Tim Wall Oool
A3   Bathroom Jungle
B1 feat. Nick Onley & Rodolphe d Audiffret Sampling ''The Joy of Sound Redmond Files''
B2 feat. Tim Wall Rodolphe Simple Analog Pleasures
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