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DavidChristoph / Frank Kvitta / Andreas Florin / The Anxious - Sandman EP

Recording info

We call it Hard Records is a digital and physical audio label.

The label was found by Andreas Florin and Toni Drogemeyer (Userkiller). In September 2009 they had the idea to create a new label. Both are well known as producers and djs.

Machienecode aka Dean Rodell vs Current Value,Patrick DSP,A-Brothers,Kuniaki Takenaka,Vegim and Brad Lee are just a view artists of the label.
The concept of 'We call it Hard Records' is not only to release audio.
They are going to start a party series at the Tresor in Berlin Germany.

We call it Hard is allready supported by
Dave Clark.Woddy Mc Bride,Dj Murphy,Sven Wittekind,Glenn Wilson,Dave the Drummer,A-Brothers,Submerge,The Anxious,88uw,Mad Max,Space Dj,s,Patrick DSP,David Christoph,Dj Mita and many many more!!

Release Info

  • Order:
  • End of Life


pos artists title
A1 DavidChristoph Sandman
A2 DavidChristoph Sandman (Frank Kvitta remix) ( remix Frank Kvitta )
B1 DavidChristoph Sandman (Andreas Florin remix) ( remix Andreas Florin )
B2 DavidChristoph Sandman (The Anxious remix) ( remix The Anxious )
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