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Oscar Mulero / Christian Wunsch / Exium / Reeko - Seleccion Natural Parte 4

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'Seleccion Natural' is a project made by the cream of Spanish techno, this four part work has seen the light on different labels and now it's time for Warm Up. Oscar Mulero delivers the original parts and version for this tune, reworked and revisited by the rest of the partners in crime: Christian Wunsch, Exium and Reeko, each one giving their own vision on the noises made by Oscar.
Original mix kicks off with broken rhythms, crunchy and industrial like, with a heavy synth line approaching till sweeping drones and abstract textures bring to an epic breakdown that will sure destroy more than one bass speaker. Another energetic piece of intelligent dance floor techno.
Wunsch's work is more direct and 4x4 based, taking the synth line from the original and adding Detroit flavoured stabs and sharp claps to make a massive techno tool.
Exium offers a completely different vision, using the drones and textures as starring, plus arpeggiated synths and baroque percussions fills the arrangement. Energy is the word for this remake.
Closing release Reeko's version recreate the spirit of the original, with broken drums again, using the synths on a clever way, extending the arrangement longer on an epic development till the bass drum comes in after 3 minutes of metallic madness.
The ultimate release of a series on the most eclectic way. Absolute quality.
You know, we still make wax so look for our vinyls out there and if you are into digital watch out in the best dealers.

Release Info


pos artists title
A1 Oscar Mulero Seleccion Natural parte 4
A2 Oscar Mulero Seleccion Natural parte 4 ( remix Christian Wunsch )
B1 Oscar Mulero Seleccion Natural parte 4 ( remix Exium )
B2 Oscar Mulero Seleccion Natural parte 4 ( remix Reeko )
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