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Developer - Western Ways EP

Recording info

We are pleased to welcome American producer Developer into our pack. Mr. Developer brings to Warm Up his beats and sequences all the way from the West Coast, with two original tracks plus a bunch of extra remixes available on the digital edition. On the list of remakes, none other than Argentinean top producer Pfirter and the label owner himself, Oscar Mulero, both in charge of providing all the funk.

The tangible plastic release starts with '
'Cuerpo', a frenzied number based on continuous synth lines, fast cabasa-driven rhythm patterns, obscure vocals and floaty strings. Spacey and grey, all at the same time.

On track two, Oscar Mulero keeps the fundamental elements, filtering them up and down and adding extra tension to create a perfect mixing tool to complement the original.

Side B opens with 'Western Ways'. Toms appear on the beat, along with FM sequences, and lush stabs that turn aggressive as the minutes go by. A floor stomper.

Pfirter fattens the kick, sharpens the hi hats, and provides some bleepy action and reverb-fuelled ambiances, giving the original a personal twist. Peaktime techno.

As a complement to the plastic version, the digital release boasts two additional revisions of 'Western Ways' by Oscar Mulero. One where he carries out the same routine as we found on 'Cuerpo', preserving most of the original elements, filtering and creating a dense atmosphere, and another with slower tempos, a liquid overall feeling and a more smokey and dubby approach.

Release Info

  • Catalog:
  • WU037
  • Label:
  • Warm Up
  • Format:
  • 12"
  • Title:
  • Western Ways EP
  • Artist:
  • Developer
  • Style:
  • Techno
  • Country:
  • Spain
  • Released:
  • 16th of December 2013


pos title
A1 Cuerpo
A2 Cuerpo ( remix Oscar Mulero )
B1 Western Ways
B2 Western Ways ( remix Pfirter )
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